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We have partnered with trusted Insurance Companies in the country to offer competitive rates and value additions that will ensure you, your family or your fleet of vehicles are safe on the road.

Its simple. Be a member of BIMALEO today, as long as you have a pre-installed authorized tracking unit through our trusted partners*, you can register to be a user of Bimaleo.


It is like your pre-paid phone but for motor insurance, purchase when you want to use it.

Bimaleo Provides On-Demand Personalized Auto Insurance.

We offer ;
On-demand Comprehensive Insurance that includes Pay as you use/km, half year and full year cover, for the private, commercial, tour operator and the agriculture sector.

  • 3rd Party Only
  • 3rd Party Fire & Theft
  • Full year Comprehensive
  • Pay Per Day(PAYG)
  • Pay Per Km.

How does it work?

Bimaleo is the newest way to save money on motor insurance. Rather than pay for 6 months or a year of insurance, you pay as you drive
– only paying for what you actually use.

Benefits Provided

  • You pay for the use not for the year.
  • Our platform monitors safe driving patterns through the tracking device* and shall lower premium rates based on your use of the vehicle.
  • In case of an accident, our system will generate an accident reconstruction report that can be used for police abstracts. The accident report is used by our insurance partners for quick claims processing.
  • Through our trusted partners, we will provide emergency response services when the need arises **

It is like your pre-paid phone but for motor insurance, purchase when you want to use it.

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For further details on how the platform works click on the FAQ section

Do you have a tracking unit?
If yes, proceed to purchase motor insurance when you want to use the vehicle.
We will receive notification that your tracking unit is active, calculate the premium for the day/s in question based on competitive offers from our insurance partner. You pay via MPESA and we issue the policy certificate, which can be kept on your phone/device in case of a query or print to keep in your car.

If not, register your interest to purchase a tracking unit by filling out your details on the contact-us form below and a sales agent will contact you on how to purchase a tracking unit and the benefits that are associated with the services. It’s that simple.

Want to be a partner to BIMALEO?
Are you a tracking company or an Insurance underwriter? Would you like to be a channel partner on BimaLeo? Contact us on it@bimaleo.com

Terms and Conditions apply: By law, third party only and third party fire and theft motor insurance will need to be purchased for the year and can be done via Bimaleo. The use of the vehicle on the road is the premium you are able to pay for the day via our platform. (A policy note is generated once the payment is made and emailed to you for your records)

*We partner with trusted tracking providers but welcome customers who have existing tracking units on their vehicles that we do not have on our system but would like to use Bimaleo services. Kindly fill out the contact us information and a sales agent will be in contact with you.

** Emergency response services are provided through KK Security and will incur additional costs.

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